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EMAIL SPECIALS Four Products for the COST OF ONE

EMAIL SPECIAL - What are you Getting
Four Products for the COST of ONE
1000 4x6 Postcards
160lb Mega Thick Card Stock, UV Coated,  UPS Shipping Included
3.578 Cents

1000 FREE Business Cards - 160lb Mega Thick Stock, UV 1 or 2 Sides, Shipping Included, FREE GRAPHIC ARTS INCLUDED
10 FREE  18" x 24" Full Color Yard Signs - Full Color 2 Sided, Material > Coreplas, H Stakes Included, Shipping Included, FREE GRAPHIC ARTS INCLUDED
100 FREE Full Color Business Card Magnets - 160lb Mega Thick Stock, UV 1 or 2 Sides, Shipping Included, FREE GRAPHIC ARTS INCLUDED


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Really, FREE Professional Graphic Design

Yep, just purchase one of the 20+ eligible EDDM Printed Pieces and get FREE Professional Graphic Design that includes cutting edge marketing advice that works. Our goal is to assure every single penny you invest returns 10 to 100 times that amount. The difference between a poorly designed EDDM piece and one utilizing the most cutting edge marketing methods is HUGE.

1000 FREE Business Cards AND
1000 FREE 4x6 Postcards

160lb Mega Thick Stock, UV Coated, Shipping Included
Okay, what is the catch?
No catch, 100 percent FREE which includes professional graphic design, you only pay $47.41 for S&H. This truly is a $350+ value and is a great bonus for EVERY EDDM Order.

What does Expert EDDM Marketing Advice Include?

Once you place an order, if you like, can get FREE Cutting Edge Marketing Advice. What you will learn is what strategies are maximizing response rate for your industry – THIS ADVICE CALL IS WORTH MORE THAN THE COST OF THE PRINTING – After even just 5 mins, you will be blown away with what you learn.

What Is The Most Popular & Effective EDDM Mailer?

BY FAR, the 11x25.5 is the absolute best value – especially with our Diamond Package – if you want the maximum Rate Of Return on your Investment. The 11x25.5 Bifold (Delivered as 11x12.75, 4 Page Catalog) cuts your cost per square inch in half from flat postcards, give you a huge presence in the mailbox and substantially increases response rates and profits.

What Is The Smallest You Can Do With EDDM 17.5 Cent Mail?

The smallest, and actually a cool piece, is a 3.5x11 Postcard, with or without a Tear Off Business Card – this is actually a great card if you really want to put a business card, coupon card, discount card or other offer into your prospects hands – the Tear Off Business Card is 160lb Mega Thick Stock – so probably nicer than what you currently may have in your wallet.

Why Is EDDM only 17.5 Cents Per Home?

EDDM is a courier route driven delivery program which means you can choose a courier route, not an individual house. Because of this, no addressing, bar coding, sorting or any handling of the mail piece is really needed. You literally take the mailing pieces to the post office, pay the 17.5 cent per home postage and within 24 hours, your pieces are given to the appropriate couriers and handed to each postal customer on the route.

How Do I Maximize EDDM Response Rate?

Here are the keys:
  1. Focus on your prospect, take ALL EGO out of your advertising, no one cares about your company and your business….initially – every part of your mailer should be focused on creating/outlining problems, providing solutions to those problems and KEY, providing compelling reasons to act right away with strong call to actions.

  2. GO LARGE – with EDDM, postage is the same whether you go 4.25x11 or you send out a 16 page catalog. What is the best value for 95% of most companies is the 11x25.5 Bi-Fold (Diamond Package)

  3. Follow up on a regular basis – mail the same zip code every month or two versus just once, your response rate will go up with every subsequent mailing.

GO HUGE WITH EDDM…..and I Mean Huge

Did you know you can mail a 16 page catalog for 17.5 cents – if you are in a high margin business such as Real Estate, Home Improvements or Repair, Financial Services or any other business in where the more information, images and offers you communicate, the higher your response rate, you should really consider a 8, 12 or 16 page catalog. In addition to including lots of great information in a catalog, TALK ABOUT IMPRESSIVE IN THE MAILBOX – Instant Credibility Creator.

What Do You Do, What Do I Do For Any EDDM Order?

Good question….We do 100 percent of the work from graphic design, printing, shrink wrapping and shipping to your front door. What we do here that no other company does is show you how to make your EDDM Mailing Piece Work. You only have to take the pieces to the post office, tell them where you want them to go and pay the 17.5 per home postage.

What Little You Have To Do

  1. Give us guidance throughout the Graphic Design Process – if you are able to reply promptly to proofs, the design process will move quickly. You can also call Corey anytime if you need further marketing ideas and guidance as he can tell you what has worked for other similar businesses to assure your piece integrates all the best ideas that have been proven to work. Most pieces can we wrapped up in just one or two days in most cases.

  2. Go to - here you can determine where you want your EDDM pieces delivered – it is a super cool mapping tool that will show all courier routes in any given zip code.
  3. Print out our EDDM sticker template and fill out each one with the courier route information – if you buy a standard 1 x 2-5/8 mailing label sheets, you will just have to print these out and fill in the information and stick them on the shrink wrapped bundles that will be shipped to you.

  4. Once your EDDM Order arrives, all you will need to do is put on the courier route labels on each bundle, take them to the post office and pay them the postage of 17.5 cents per home.
Q: What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail?
A: EDDM is a new program developed by the US Postal Service for local retailers and other location-based businesses that want to market by mail to households and businesses in a specific neighborhood. EDDM is the most cost effective way to market your product and reach to millions of users. Technically Speaking, EDDM is Standard (bulk) Class mail. The difference is that EDDM mail pieces do not require a name OR address because every delivery point on a specified mail carrier’s route receives a mail piece and it mails at very low postage rates. EDDM is designed for small to medium volume mailers who typically mail 5,000 to 20,000 mail pieces a day – but some do mail over 100,000+ - as long as you can do the leg work, there truly is no real limit. Mailers must be willing and able to drop the mail off at the local Post Office retail unit responsible for the delivery of the mail.
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum volume for each EDDM Retail mailing?
A: There’s both a minimum and a daily maximum. You must mail at least 200 pieces and to at least one carrier route each time you mail, so the minimum number of pieces required is the number of active deliveries on a single carrier route, but not less than 200. The maximum number of pieces is 5,000 per Zip Code, per day. There’s also a limit of five 5-Digit ZIP Codes per EDDM Retail mailing.
Q: Does EDDM Retail require any USPS permits?
A: No USPS postage permits or annual fees are required with EDDM Retail, but program registration with USPS is required (FREE).
Q: Do I need a mailing list?
A: EDDM Retail uses a “simplified” address of Postal Customer instead of street numbers or boxes so no mailing list is required. You just need a list of mail routes and active delivery counts, which can be obtained free of charge from the USPS EDDM website. Your target area can be a city, neighborhood or a specified distance from your business. To identify which USPS mail routes match your target area visit this USPS site for information about delivery routes and number of deliveries per carrier route.
Q: What is the postage rate for EDDM Retail?
A: Postage is one simple rate of 17.5 cents per qualifying EDDM Retail mail piece.
Q: How is postage paid on EDDM Retail mailings?
A: Payment must be made directly to the local retail Post Office at the time of deposit using a check or money order made out to “Postmaster” or “Postal Service” in the amount of the postage for your EDDM Retail.
Q: Who can I mail EDDM to?
A: With Every Door Direct Mail you can mail to all homes and businesses in a mailing route. Each zip code is comprised of many different routes. Each of these routes contain approximately 300-600 homes and businesses.
Q: Can I mail paper stocks as a flat piece?
A: No, all paper stocks available are not .007 thick, so all flats need to be on a quality card stock.
Q: Do I need to have all piece bundled when dropping them off to the post office?
A: Yes, everything needs to be bundled in bundles of a 100 – the preferred way to deliver the pieces is having the bundles shrink wrapped. You will not want to hassle hand counting 5,000 or 10,000 – as it is very time consuming.
Q: Once I receive my EDDM printing pieces from you, what is left for me to do?
A: All that is left for you – which can be done prior to receiving your EDDM printing order – is to decide where you want your EDDM pieces to be delivered. You can go to - this tool allows you to pinpoint where you want your mailing to go – just click on take a Demo. The only other thing left to do is to create facing slips – which can also be downloaded at - this is what goes on the front of each bundle of a 100 pieces so the post office knows what couriers to give each bundle to.
Q: EDDM Professional Marketing Advice- how critical is that?
A: Just sending out any direct mail doesn’t guarantee any results- having a piece properly designed with compelling offers and calls to action along with a sound marketing strategy will make the difference between last luster returns and huge returns on investment. Always use a printing company that employs professional marketers.
Q: I still have question on EDDM and marketing strategies, who can I call?
A: Please call me, Corey, CEO, Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies – I am always happy to help all my clients grow their business through well thought out and proven marketing strategies. You can reach me 7 days a week at 512-573-1977.


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